A 2-part series showing how to make the sweetest and most beloved little cat beds can be seen here:

Part 1 :  

Part 2:  

Have fun!!


VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS for knitting the pockets of the Saturday Morning Hoodie can be found here:

I joined the Ravelry knitalong group that is knitting the Lion Brand pattern known as the Saturday Morning Hoodie. It is a really great looking open front sweater with pockets and a hood that is unisex. If you have a Lion Brand free account, you can search for the pattern, or link to it HERE. The KAL group on Ravelry (another free account)  is HERE.

I ran into a huge confusing headspinning mess when it came to knitting the pockets. The pattern offers no real instructions for those of us who have never done pockets before and I was feeling pretty frustrated. I spent quite a bit of time going through the sparse number of photos available Ravelers had posted until I finally wrapped my brain around how it was supposed to be done. Once I got it, it was pretty easy, but up until that point, I felt like I needed some kind of code-breaking key to figure it out.

I offered help on the pockets to other Ravelers and several have messaged me asking for assistance. So, today I remembered my digital camera is capable of taking videos and I think a video is probably much more instructive than a long, in-depth letter accompanied by a bunch of photos. I am offering THIS VIDEO to anyone who is having trouble figuring out how to knit the pockets. If you have any trouble with that link, simply search on YouTube using the search terms “Saturday Morning Hoodie”. I tested it and it pulls right up.

I hope this video is helpful to at least a couple of other newbies like me. This is my first video, so forgive any errors. I would appreciate your feedback here and on the youtube site, if you don’t mind. If I got something wrong, please tell me. If you need more assistance, please just message me and I will try to help. Happy Knitting!!

Sonoma Neck-lace

Kudo Tam

I wanted a tam to go with my Baktus. The two paired together are stunning.

Chocolate Lace

Love, love, love tweed. Everything I knit in this tweed is classic.

Quinoa Crazy

For the last few months, I have been Quinoa crazy. Not only is it delicious, but it is high in nutritive value, as well as high in protein. Mix it up with some fresh stir-fried vegetables and a little Aminos for a satisfying and healthy meal. Mix it with fresh apples, raisins and walnuts for the ultimate comfort food breakfast.