I wanted more color in my Noro Scarf, so I calculated a simple graduated pattern. Moving from a double garter rib, all the way to 6 ribs of color. It is beautiful. I am wearing it with every possible coat or jacket I put on. So pretty and so soft.


Yoga Water Bottle Sling





Bad Hair Day?

Fact File …
Angora goats have mohair
Angora rabbits have angora
Cashmere goats have cashmere
And Sheep have wool
What you knit with is yarn

Lola Kitty adopted us about a month ago and I have finally found a use for all those little balls of yarn I saved, not having any idea what I would do with them one day. She loves it when I dangle them, make the end jump around and gently pull it through her tiny little paws. My hand has already found out what kitty cat claws feel like — not very good, trust me.

After giving the scarf a nice bath, I was blocking my Noro Scarf (post coming soon) when Lola came to inspect my handi-work. I am relieved and pleased to say that she evidently has a fine palette for yarns. Claws stayed in, meows all around and everybody is happy. Niiice kitty.

It seems like I have known Melinda since forever. We have just always BEEN the closest friends. Ever since we were girls, we have shared everything together. Our secrets, heartbreaks,  journeys, loves, illnesses, children, dreams and failures. During puberty we shared our cigarettes, our Doritos and our crushes. Sometimes we go for a long while without seeing each other, but even then, it seems as if there is an invisible current that flows between us — we never lose touch with each other, come rain or shine.

In the last few years, Melinda has been making jams. Not apple jelly, or grape jelly or anything usual like that . Instead, she makes all kinds of jams. The good kinds. The first sample she ever sent me was the most delicious pineapple jam one could imagine. So, imagine my surprise, opening my birthday present and finding  jar after jar of the sweetest, smoothest, jelliest jams a girl could ever want.  Blueberry. Peach. Blackberry. Strawberry. Rasberry.

We have been slowly eating the blueberry. The “slow” part of that equation is a pet peeve of Andy’s, because he would probably love to eat it in a single sitting. But it is so delicious.  I really want to stretch out my pleasure. Besides, every time I enjoy it on my sandwich, or a bit of toast, I get to think about two young girls, whose only reprieve from a confusing life was each other. Two young women who struck out on their own and found their own footing in a world not made for them. Two 40-somethings learning to relax a bit and enjoy the simpler things life has to offer.  Old friends are sacred friends, in memory and in life.